STEM Education in Atlanta's Private Schools

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    STEM Programs in Metro Atlanta private schools

    When you think about it, STEM is at the root of everyone’s daily lives,” shares Emily Adams, Science Department Chair and Innovative Teaching Chair at The Walker School in Marietta. In fact, teaching K-12 Metro Atlanta Georgia students to think logically, evaluate data, weigh the value of evidence, draw conclusions and communicate their insights to others are skills that will benefit them as they enter adulthood and contribute to the well-being of their families and communities. read more


    Atlanta Georgia Private Schools-Students Choose Same School for K-12

    They’re often called “lifers,” those students who remain at the same school for the entirety of their primary and secondary academic careers. They move across grade-level divisions like any other student, mastering the elementary years before progressing into middle school and ultimately advancing up through the high school grades. However, their overall experience has a distinctive spin, as they receive their whole education from one independent institution over the course of 13 continuous years. read more

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