Neighborhood Feature: Candler Park

Neighborhood Feature: Candler Park

Located in Atlanta’s cityscape, Candler Park is a neighborhood rich in Southern history and modern excitement. With beginnings in the late 1800s, the community has served many and grown tremendously alongside the hustle of the big city.

Early Beginnings

Candler Park sign
Photo Courtesy of Candler Park Conservatory

During the Civil War, the area known today as Candler Park was a Union encampment and showed up on many early maps as Union Square. Formally called Edgewood in the 1870s, the neighborhood developed alongside the railroad and held a more centralized stance. Where the Edgewood-Candler MARTA stands today was once the Mayson’s Crossing stop for the Georgia Railroad. Incorporated in 1898, the town of Edgewood remained unchanged until annexed by the City of Atlanta in 1908.

During the Reconstruction era, Candler Park welcomed a diverse resident population of working-class individuals. The historic African-American-founded Antioch Baptist Church of Edgewood became a beacon of the community until the congregation’s 1950 departure. Today, the Old Stone Church serves as a reminder of this influential period.

The Atlanta district was officially named in 1922 when the former mayor Asa Candler gave the City of Atlanta a generous land contribution. He intended for the land to be converted into a public park and golf course, so construction began. The recreation space was completed in 1928.

Today, Candler Park unifies the surrounding neighborhoods of Lake Claire, Edgewood and Druid Hills. With almost 3,000 homes adjacent, this park provides ideal entertainment and green space for locals.

Visit & Explore

Candler Park gold course close up of green and ball

Candler Park is one of the largest parks in the City of Atlanta, featuring exciting amenities for locals and visitors.

The historic Candler Park Golf Course offers a nine-hole course for Atlanta in-town golfers to peruse. The course includes three sets of tees and natural, hilly terrain for added difficulty. Located deeper into the park, Mulberry Fields is a quiet retreat to nature. The one-acre open meadow includes shady pecan trees, local bird species, a community garden and farm animals.

The Candler Park swimming pool is a favorite, providing refreshing comfort on sweltering summer days and opportunities to engage with neighbors. The pool is open from 12:30 to 7 p.m. in the summer, from Friday to Sunday.

The city hosts a variety of events, including the Candler Park Fall Fest and Tour of Homes. Fall Fest showcases diversity and fun, complete with an expansive artisan market, live music, food trucks and more! For active visitors, the Fall Fest 5K and Fun Run is an exhilarating choice.  The Tour of Homes runs alongside the festival, offering visitors a glimpse of historic and modern homes. Both events are set for October 5 and 6 this year. As the primary fundraiser for Fall Fest, the Tour of Homes is $30 a person. The festival is free to the public.

The Carter Center, Freedom Park and Olmstead Linear Parks all sit nearby, adding to the vibrant culture. Candler Park blends outdoor recreation well with conservation and local history, creating a special place for generations to come.

Eat Nearby

Candler Park pizza from Fellini's

On McLendon Ave, local favorites like The Flying Biscuit Cafe, Fellini’s Pizza and Gigi’s Italian Kitchen and Restaurant offer diverse, tasty options. Sean’s Candler Park is also close by with seasonal bakery goods and cafe-style bites. On Dekalb Ave, Moxie Burger and Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q are top-rated favorites, providing hearty meals in a casual atmosphere.

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